Fager Walter Sweet iron Baby Fulmer
Fager Walter Sweet iron Baby Fulmer
Fager Walter Sweet iron Baby Fulmer

Fager Walter Sweet iron Baby Fulmer

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Registered Design

Fager Walter is recommended if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Stiff towards the hand
  • Gets fixed in the hand
  • On and off in the contact
  • Needs more flexibility than a straight bit.

This bit is perfect for horses that can be stiff and fixed in the hand, but at the same time sensitive for harsh hands. Walter has smooth joints to give a smooth pressure in the mouth.

Walter will give a flexible feeling in the hand perfect for horses that can get stiff on one or both sides.

It is a flexible bit that molds around the horse’s mouth, creating even pressure. It is moveable in all directions which prevent the horse to lean or take hold of it, giving the rider a softer feeling in the hand.

Sweet iron bit without lock system.

Fager’s designs are always designed to sit horizontally straight, never allowing a bigger forward bend.   We design them this way to maintain the balance point (BP) in the mouth. A bigger bend forward moves the BP forward, slowing down the effectiveness of the aids. This design creates stability for the horse enabling clear communication.  The unique design also protects the bars and mouth against cuts, sores, and rubs, even on sensitive horses.

Baby Fulmer is a registered design by Fager. This sidepiece will give you a mix between the loose and fixed rings. The Fulmers will lay close to the horse’s side, helps with steering, and keep the mouthpiece steady. The loose rings are placed further away from the mouth corners, and this will put the pressure further down and inwards, encourage the horse to lift in the front, come back to your hand, and avoid a stiff feeling towards the bit. It is a very comfortable choice for many horses and a great start for a youngster.

NOTE: The balance point will still be maintained, even if it has a slight bend over the tongue e.g. upwards.

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