Fager Mattias Sweet Iron Mouthpiece

Fager Mattias Sweet Iron Mouthpiece

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Mattias Sweet iron Mouthpiece goes with the Otto combination bit. When you order a mouthpiece for your combination bit, please select a size that's 1cm larger.
Please understand: We make the mouthpieces just for you once you order. So, you can't return or exchange them. We create them from our standard loose ring bits to fit your needs. This lets us give you a variety of mouthpiece options and sizes for your custom bit!

Fager Mattias is a good choice for horses who you would describe as the following:

  • Can be worried in the mouth but get too stiff on straight bits
  • Reluctant to soften down into the bit.
  • Requires encouragement to seek out the contact and keep a consistent contact.
  • Can overreact when you take the reins
  • Can get on and off in the contact

Mattias is a double-jointed sweet iron bit with a special lockup function. The mouthpiece has a tongue relief but locks upwards, which can be good for horses with a low palate and sensitive bars who still prefers a tongue relief.

The bit doesn't lock forward like a normal lockup bit, which means that you won't get the stiff feeling of a straight bit.

The joints are rotated away from the tongue, which gives a more gentle, smooth pressure on the tongue. This can be good for horses that can overreact when you take the reins and need to keep the consistent contact through every movement. The sweet taste together with the stability makes the horse seek a stable contact with the bit.

If you are searching for a gentle, kind bit for a sensitive horse, we would definitely recommend trying Fager Mattias.

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