Fager Jesper Sweet Iron Mouthpiece

Fager Jesper Sweet Iron Mouthpiece

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Jesper Sweet iron Mouthpiece goes with the Otto combination bit. When you order a mouthpiece for your combination bit, please select a size that's 1cm larger.
Please understand: We make the mouthpieces just for you once you order. So, you can't return or exchange them. We create them from our standard loose ring bits to fit your needs. This lets us give you a variety of mouthpiece options and sizes for your custom bit!

NOTE: Jesper can be used in two ways: Either with tongue relief or with bar relief.

For tongue relief – If you would describe your horse as the following:

* Inconsistent in the contact.
* Pulls away or up when you take up the reins.
* Attempts to put their tongue over the bit.
* Fussy mouthed.

For bar relief- Turn the bit upside down.

If you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Stiff or rigid to ride.
  • Bites on the bit, attempts to pull it back.
  • Doesn’t seek the contact towards the bit.
  • Drops the contact.
  • Falls behind the hand.

Jesper is constructed with a 100% super smooth surface, even around the joints which are designed to never interfere with or push against the palate. It is a very comfortable bit that shapes naturally around the tongue and relieves the bars from constant pressure.

Jesper is an ideal design for sensitive mouthed horses whose mouths easily develop cuts, sores or rubs.

We design them that way to keep the balance point (BP) in the mouth. If you have a bigger bend forward, you will also move the BP forward and slowing down the process of your aids. More stable and less confusing for your horse.

It has also been shown to protect the bars and flesh from burn marks and wounds on the most sensitive horse.

Observe; Jesper has the same mouthpiece as Gustav. Gustav is the snaffle version = normal snaffle rings. Jesper is the bradoon version = smaller bradoon rings.

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